Plus Size Formal Dresses Myths Debunked

Fashion is something that keeps a woman driving. However, when you are plus size, things are a little different. This does not mean that you can’t get dressed the way you want, it is just that you are too conscious to embrace the latest trends. 

If this is why you are not wearing the best of formal dresses, it is time to change that. Fashion never discriminates anybody, as it is crafted for every body type and you, as a plus size or curvy woman, must get your share of fashion and style. 

Plus Lantern Sleeve Ditsy Floral Dress

If you are one of those plus size women struggling to keep pace with the trendy world or looking for that perfect formal dress that complements your shape, we are here to help. 

Here we are debunking some myths about plus size women’s formal dresses.

Myth 1 – Fitted Dresses Are Not For You

Plus Split Hem Solid Velvet Dress

Now, whoever said that may not have seen a curvy woman slaying a fitted dress. The myth is also that in fitted dresses curvy women tend to look bigger. However, all this is false. If you wear a loose dress, your body appears two folds bigger. With the right shape, size, and details you can wear a dress that accentuates the curves of your body to perfection. Just like this Plus Split Hem Solid Velvet Dress, it is a perfect dress to accentuate your curves. 

Myth 2 – You Can’t Wear Too Long or Short Dresses

Plus Guipure Lace Panel Solid Formal Dress

This is another popular myth about plus size formal dresses. Woman! You can wear any type of dress, whether it is long or short that suits your particular body type. All plus size women have different measurements. If you have heavy thighs, you can wear a dress that falls below the knees, but contrary, if you have a broader lower body but a narrow upper body, you can enjoy a classic maxi dress to flaunt that sexy body. 

Myth 3 – Stripes will Kill Your Look

Plus Colorblock Rib-knit Dress

If you refrain from wearing stripes because you are curvy, you are harming yourself. Pick the right size stripes and doll up in a trendy and smart striped outfit. Just like normal fashion rules, the horizontal and vertical strip rule applies to plus size formal dresses too. If you have a heavy upper body and slimmer bottom, choose a dress with horizontal stripes on the upper body and vice versa. An expert at the plus-size store can help you pick the best match for your body.

Myth 4 – Only All-Black Ensemble is Your Friend

Plus Contrast Mesh Sleeve Wrap A-line Dress

Yeah, it is true that black color gives a slimming effect and looks sizzling but that does not limit your options. This is because you cannot wear black every time. That will be too stereotypical. Try colors and play with them to make a dress that flatters your curves, just like this contrast mesh sleeve wrap A-line dress. 

These are some of the myths about plus size formal dresses

Now that you have an open mind to embrace awesome formal dress trends for a curvy body, try on the dresses and look magnificent. 

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