Men’s Coats That Stand the Test of Time

Winter is synonymous with layering and we are ready for it. There is no better way to flip the script on a chilly day than with the best looking coats available on the market. Similar to women, men also look to rock the latest trends, but also the ones that are durable and long-lasting. 

We know winter coats are the most expensive piece in a cold-weather wardrobe, so it is understandable you want the long-lasting ones.  

So, here we have rounded up some coat styles that not only look trendy but have stood the test of time as well. 

The Trench Coat

Epaulet Design Double Breasted Long Trench Coat

The trench coat is a timeless fashion item that all men should own. This outerwear garment is stylish and practical as well as suits countless outfits and occasions. The trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry for British and French soldiers as an alternative to heavy serge coats. The trench coat is a long coat that extends to the shins. It is double-breasted with wide lapels, and it is belted at the waist. This coat works well with both casual and formal attire and available in various colors and styles to choose from.  

The Overcoat

Contrast Plaid Panel Single Breasted Overcoat

For the smart-casual occasions that come up during the winter season, the classic overcoat is your partner. Versatile, insulating, and an easy way to take your look a notch up, this outerwear style is an important part of any well turned-out man’s wardrobe. Made of high-quality wool it is designed to endure harsh weather. The construction of overcoat includes single-breasted closure, flap pockets, a notched collar, and/or a welt pocket at the chest. Of course, there are various styles present, but when looking to buy one, choose 100% wool with a decent weight.

The Pea Coat

Wool-blend Pea Coat

Staple items for men range from a great pair of jeans to sleek boots. However, an additional piece in every man’s winter wardrobe should be the classic pea coat. While the name may not sound very appealing, this winter coat has the power to dress up the simplest of outfits. The pea coat is a thigh-length double-breasted coat popularized by the navy, traditionally made of heavy, melton wool. As the years have gone by, the wool used in making pea coats has softened, and also it is available in a variety of color options. 

The Duffle Coat

Men Pocket Patched Duffle Coat

Well over a century old, the duffle coat is fashion trend at its most historic and practical. This winter coat is casual and tactile and makes an inviting cocoon in cold weather. The coat features three to four toggles fastened with leather or rope loops, the hood, a buttonable strap at the neck, and two patch pockets. If you’re looking for the ultimate winter coat to keep you warm without sacrificing on style, then investing in a duffle coat is best. 

These are some of the men’s coat styles that you can rock not only this winter season but many seasons to come. Remember to shop smart and pick the style that fits your needs. 

Now that you are equipped with the men’s coat styles, it time to go shopping. Visit and pick the style you desire.  

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