Figure Flattering Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress for Curvy Women

Bodycon or body-hugging dresses are considered a staple for women with the perfect figure. However, that does not mean that a curvy or plus size should not wear them. We live in a world where women are judged for their size. If our jeans exceed a certain numerical, people will try to tell us what we can and cannot wear. Amongst the many things society tries to tell plus size women that they cannot wear fitted clothes, such as bodycon dresses. A woman can wear what she wants, irrespective of her size. There is no rule in the fashion world that says only slim women can wear bodycon dresses. A curvy woman can rock this sizzling trend, and all that is needed is a body-positive attitude. 

Bodycon Dress for Curvy Women

Bodycon dresses cling to your figure, highlighting the curves. The thought of its form-fitting, figure-hugging cut makes curvy women shudder with self-consciousness. Well, not anymore, as we give you a few styling tips to wear the bodycon dress to channel your inner diva and feel fabulous. 

Camouflage with Printed Dresses

Bodycon Dress for Curvy Women

When you are not comfortable with your curves, you can cover them up and a printed fabric would be a great help in that. However, keep in mind not to opt for large prints as they tend to make you look heavier. If you are not comfortable with your belly area, pick a wide belt. A wide belt offers a slimming effect and becomes a focal point of your outfit.

Layer Up

Bodycon Dress for Curvy Women

For those of you who do not want to reveal your mid-section of the body, covering it under some layer is a good idea. Go for a well-cut blazer, cardigan, shrug, or an oversized blouse to give you a more balanced and proportionate look. You can even pair up a denim jacket with a printed bodycon dress. 

Choose Dark Color Dress

Bodycon Dress for Curvy Women

A dark-colored bodycon dress is perfect for a plus-size woman to get a chic look. Wearing a dark-colored dress, you will get an elongated and vertical look. This also offers the illusion of a slim body. Black is a universal color to go for, but other dark colors work well like purple, navy blue, maroon, hunter green, wine red, and more. Pick a dark color that suits your skin tone and don’t forget to pair your dress with a complementing shade clutch and heels for an added oomph factor.  

Keep in Check the Neckline

Bodycon Dress for Curvy Women

The neckline of the bodycon dress plays a big role in balancing your look. If you have a rounder stomach, go for a deeper neckline dress to divert the attention from the abdominal area. A plunging neckline makes you appear taller. Also, choose the dress with a good fabric that is firm enough to hold on to the plump areas on your body without forming any extra bulges. 

Being a plus-size lady, if wearing bodycon dresses have been your biggest fear, it should not be any more following the tips mentioned above. 

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